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Benefits of Google Ads

Do you need to reach out to more customers? Google Ads is the way to go if you offer a truly unique service and want to advertise based on keywords, or if you can sell to customers nationally or internationally in addition to locally. With Google Ads, an easy-to-use cost-per-click (CPC) advertising platform, small businesses can leverage the search giant's reach.

The CPC model requires you to pay only when people click on your advertisements. You can set a daily budget for each advertising campaign and adjust it as needed. For example, if you have a daily budget of $10, your maximum CPC would be 50 cents and you would get about 20 clicks per day.

Your company can use Google Ads to create advertisements that appear in relevant Google search results, including on mobile devices, and on related websites. For example, if you own an ice cream shop in Los Angeles, your ad will appear when someone searches for an ice cream shop in the area, as well as in search results for "ice cream," "dessert," or other keywords that you specify.

Ads can be changed at any time and launched locally, nationally, or even globally. Google Ads provides robust reporting and analytics tools to help you monitor ad performance and ensure your campaigns are meeting your advertising objectives.

However, Google Ads, according to Scollon, should be approached with caution.

"The issue here is that if it's not set up or maintained correctly, it can quickly burn your money," he explained. "It can allow small businesses to get up and running quickly without having to wait for other marketing to kick in, but make sure you put in plenty of time for research or hire a professional."