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Traditional vs digital marketing

1. Target customers

When it comes to traditional marketing, it is easy to reach out to the local target audience. The world is your oyster when it comes to digital marketing as you can target people from all over the world. It is easier to target certain demographics, interests, and attributes with digital marketing. So in the digital marketing vs traditional marketing race, digital marketing wins the target audience medal.

2. Audience engagement

Traditional marketing has a more personal approach since the interaction with the consumer is more direct. When it comes to digital marketing, the physical presence of the marketer is not required. The interaction is mainly online in the form of comments, replies, etc.

3. Costs associated

Traditional marketing is more expensive as there is printing involved, radio and television ads, etc., and is harder to scale. Online marketing is more affordable and scalable which is why we can get real time insights and can work out on our targeted budgets. Digital advertising is a way cheaper than conventional marketing

4. Quickness of Results

It is very unlikely a business can track results and analytics through traditional marketing. With digital marketing, it is much easier to track results with real-time results with the use of reports and web analytics. There are more metrics available as well such as views, click-through rate, etc.

5. Agenda

As traditional marketing efforts do not have real-time results, it takes longer to strategize with limited data available. Strategy improvisation is much easier for digital marketing campaigns as the results are easily available.

6. Sustainability

Traditional marketing heavily depends on hard copies (magazines, newspapers, etc.) describing the product or service. Various digital platforms provide product/ service information in softcopy format through their website, social media platforms, etc. This is accessible to the user at any point in time

7. Feedback

It is easier to track and analyse feedback to a particular campaign through digital marketing as there is an open line of communication involved. In traditional marketing, marketers are simply hoping they don’t get negative feedback. This is why time and energy are spent on focus groups and market research. It is easier to fix a glitch in digital marketing as opposed to traditional marketing.

8. Communication

Traditional marketing is more often a one way kind of communication approach, whereas, Digital marketing involves a two-way interaction between the user and marketer.